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We’ve evolved cell salvage to a higher level…yours.

Hospitals, clinicians, and patients benefit from a system that delivers excellent blood quality and optimal performance supporting exceptional patient care.


The value of the Cell Saver Elite+ system

The Cell Saver Elite+ system provides hospitals with an easy-to-use, reliable way to recover and deliver back a patient’s own high-quality blood during medium to high blood loss procedures, including cardiac, orthopedic, trauma, transplant, vascular and OBGYN surgeries. The complete system is designed to be intuitive and flexible for optimal performance and to support exceptional patient care.

Blood quality

High hematocrit1 and removal of undesirable components, including > 99% fat reduction2

By using the patient’s own blood, the Cell Saver Elite+ helps prevent allogeneic transfusion and associated risks. Its integrated SmartSuction® is gentle on red blood cells (RBC’s), preserving them for transfusion. And, its fat reduction protocol is designed for optimal performance, while still offering custom settings that allow for modifications during a procedure.


Ease of use

Fast, reliable, and intuitive, with easy-to-read touch screen instructions and messaging.

The Cell Saver Elite+ is fast, reliable, and intuitive, incorporating state-of-the-art software enhancements. You’ll have the flexibility to define and save password-protected protocols to meet unique surgical needs. The system’s touch screen instructions and messaging are easy to read and navigate, complete with on-screen help. Its status beacon is highly visible, from any direction, and the barcode scanner captures disposable, patient and surgical procedure information.

Secure data collection, management and transfer capabilities

  • Minimize human errors and associated costs through accurate data collection and transfer
  • Access technical data downloads for analysis and best practice sharing
  • Enable communication between the Cell Saver Elite+ and the hospital network through Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection with the addition of HaemoCommunicator™ software*:

*License fee and annual maintenance fees apply.

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Indications for use

The Haemonetics Cell Saver Elite+ autotransfusion system and its related accessory components are intended for use to recover blood shed during or subsequent to an operation or as a result of trauma, processing the blood by a centrifugation and washing procedure, and pumping this processed red cell product to either a bag for gravity reinfusion into the patient or to the arterial line of an extracorporeal circuit for reinfusion into the patient. The intended use of the Sequestration Protocol is to collect an autologous, preoperative, platelet rich plasma product for reinfusion to the same patient within 6 hours of collection.

Please refer to the manual for indications for use, contraindications, warnings, precautions and potential adverse events.